Servicing and MOT

Every car in the UK must be tested at the end of their third year, and yearly thereafter.

How much?

Our standard fees are as follows:

  • Car MOT test – £54.85
  • Motorcycle MOT test – £29.65

What gets checked in a car MOT test?

The MOT consists of over 150 individual checks.

The main categories are:

  •  Registration plates and VIN
  •  Steering Under bonnet checks
  •  Horn  
  •  Lights
  •  Rear reflectors


 Bonnet Catch • Brakes  Doors • Windscreen  Vehicle structure • Washers and wipers

 Mirrors • Suspension Seat belts • Exhaust system • Emissions • Fuel system • Tyres and road wheels

Should your vehicle require any remedial work, we can usually carry out quick minor repairs same day.

 Free estimates provided for more major repairs.


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